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May 12, 2014

Lesbian Pussy Gets Wired

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Lesbian Pussy Wired

Now this is one sweet looking lesbian pussy. And I especially love the idea that this lesbian pussy wired for a jolting experience is going to get her full attention. Since she is pain slave, knowing that she is wired up for a shocking experience adds to her excitement. You’ll want to download the full video so you can enjoy watching this lesbian pussy quiver and tingle to a massive orgasm. Her lesbian pussy wired for pain and torture while still getting the maximum intensity of pure pleasure is something you won’t want to miss. I guarantee you’ll love it!

May 3, 2014

Teen Pussy Gets Wired

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Teen Pussy Wired

Is this a teen pussy that is having a massive orgasm or brutal pain? From the look on her face, it’s a little hard to tell with her teen pussy wired and being bound spread eagle whether she is crying out in pain or pleasure. Regardless, you know that with a little voltage running through her tender, young body and especially her teen pussy, this pathetic slave is being tortured like nobody’s business. When the switch is tossed, don’t miss seeing her muscles tighten and twitch. Hear her scream as her teen pussy wired gives her a massive orgasm.

April 25, 2014

Wired Pussy

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The place for hot and horny lesbian babes where they play with each others pussies and high voltage electricity is Wired Pussy. Only here Mistresses take charge of their submissive female slaves and their tender inner flesh, the position which they use to enjoy themselves and sometimes share fun with other dommes. At times it gets impossible for the viewer to distinguish if slaves cry from pain or pleasure so loud and intense their orgasms get. Watch as pussy cream that only amplifies the currents starts to flow like a river from these insatiable girls at the simple turn of a switch…

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April 17, 2014

Lesbian Licks Wired Pussy

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Lesbian Licks Wired Pussy

Check out the way this lesbian licks wired pussy while being restrained to a check. This Mistress has absolutely no problems in adding a bit of amperage to shock her slave into submission and orgasm. You aren’t going to want to miss any of this lesbian wired pussy porn. There nothing quite like a ruthless Mistress who uses special techniques to jolt her slaves into the most intense orgasms they have ever experienced. This one just loves it when her lesbian licks wired pussy. If you want to see the finest in lesbian wired pussy, then don’t miss this video.

April 8, 2014

Lesbian Blonde Wired Pussy

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Blonde Wired Pussy

I love this video about wired blond pussy. The way this blond is bound to the stairway is out-fucking-standing. She is wide open and vulnerable to the assault that her Mistress intends for her. Check out the light stick that stuffed into her wired pussy. The electricity coursing through her pathetic body makes her cry out in pain until she is overtaken by an intense orgasm. Make sure you don’t miss seeing her blindfolded and canned. Her wired blond pussy tingles as she is scared shitless of the electric jolts she is going to experience. Don’t miss this wired pussy.

March 31, 2014

Wired Pussy Blonde Vid

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Wired Pussy Blonde

Here is one of the hottest videos with a wired blond pussy that really gets my juices going. When you download these wired pussy vids, you are going to be able to enjoy the agony and the unbelievable pleasures that the use of a little electricity can induce. You can see from the look on this blonds face the torture that her poor pussy is forced to endure. This ruthless Mistress gets a real kick out this wired blond pussy as it feels the jolts of amperage being shot through her body and the way her wired pussy pours cunt cream.

March 23, 2014

Wired Stuff In Pussy

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Wired Stuff In Pussy

Damn! These bitches have got to be nuts. Check out this wired pussy. Their slave has no clue as to what she is about to experience. You have got to see the wired stuff in pussy torture that these merciless Mistresses force this bitch to endure. This is something you have got to see with your own eyes to believe. And the idea of sending bolts of electricity coursing this wired pussy is enough to drive them all a little batty. I can guarantee that this slave will have pussy juice pouring from her like a river as she reaches massive orgasms.

March 14, 2014

Wired Pussy Torture Vid

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Wired Pussy Torture

This has got to be one painful way to endure wired pussy torture. Take a look at the clamps biting into the tender pussy lips of this tattooed sub. You know that has to hurt like hell, but I’ll bet it’s nothing compared to the agony she is going to feel when electricity shoots through her. This is one of the wired pussy vids you’ll want to have in your collection. Hear her cry out when the switch is thrown and her cunt cream pours from the wired pussy torture. If you’re in to wired pussy vids, don’t miss this one!

March 6, 2014

Blonde With Wired Pussy

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Wired Blonde Pussy

Is there anything better than seeing a blond lesbian getting put through the ringers? You can see that this wired blond pussy is getting a major workout and from the look on her face, the electricity being shot through her snatch is pure agony. Being tightly bound, all she can do is suffer through the pain and the pleasure of having voltage coursing through her body. The blond lesbian is a pain slave, but adding electricity to her torture gives her wired blond pussy the orgasms her has never experienced. Make sure you check this out and enjoy her suffering.

February 26, 2014

Wired Pussy Orgasm Vid

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Wired Pussy Orgasm

This is the way to enjoy the wired lesbian pussy vids I found. With her huge knockers all bound up and turning purple along with her legs held wild open, this pathetic bitch is in for the time of her life. She has no clue just how intense the wired pussy orgasm is going to be when she is finally allowed to cum. If you look close enough, you can see a small river of pussy cream running down her crack. This is one great wired lesbian pussy vids and you’ll love watching these bitches have a wired pussy orgasm.

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